SACT Insignia RAF

Senior aircraftman (technician) insignia.

Senior aircraftman (technician) or senior aircraftwoman (technician) (SACT) is the fourth lowest rank in technical trades of the RAF.

Senior aircraftman (technician) is an OR-2 rank in the NATO rank code, and is accompanied by leading aircraftman and senior aircratman. Senior aircraftman (technical) ranks between senior aircraftman and corporal, although this rank is only used in technical trades. The insignia worn by a SACT is a three-bladed propeller encased by a circle.


JnrTech Insignia RAF

The old junior technician rank insignia of the RAF.

In 1950, the RAF created a ranking system for members in technical trades. In 1964, the ranks were all abolished, except for junior technician (JnrTech). In the year 2000, the RAF started giving some senior aircraftmen a technician status, which created the senior aircraftman (technician) rank. By 2005 promotions to junior technician ceased and senior aircraftman (technician) replaced the rank entirely.

The original insignia of a junior technician was a four-bladed propeller, this was not used by the SACT rank, which replaced junior technician.


Senior aircraftman (technical) is an aircraftman rank, along with aircraftman, leading aircraftman and senior aircraftman.

Senior aircraftman (technical) is a non-supervisory rank and used only in technical trades of the RAF. It replaces the former junior technician rank.

RAF RanksEdit

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